Threat to ecosystem

Ebola stories brought about mixed fillings among the locals as to whether they will be infected by Ebola virus or not and the only belief/resolution in circulation is to drink and take salt bath before going into contact with nature and also burn down those areas most likely for them to exploit, farm or be in contact with, set exterminates for survived animals etc. due to the notion that burning of infected victim was the only interface of survival.

Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Society is trying to carry out necessary possibilities to prevent the ecosystem from being destroyed by bushfire/chemical pits poisoning, fish poisoning, hunting and timber exploitation which could lead to ecological degradation and species extinction bringing about natural disaster and hardship to the people. Also reposition the minds of the locals that Cross River State in general is Ebola Free State. And that disease from the wild can be prevented from getting to people by setting every part of the forest ablaze which may lead to death of many plants and animals and render some homeless.

Reasons on why there is threat to ecosystem by local communities living close to and within conservancies.

The stem information in circulation among the locals includes the following:

  • That Ebola virus is contacted from animals such as monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, bats etc.
  • That Ebola virus can easily be contacted from contaminated feces of wild animals.
  • That Ebola virus can be acquired by eating such wild animals and.
  • That their drinking streams and farmlands might also had been contaminated by wild animals
  • Those death casualties as a result of Ebola virus are burnt in order to keep the virus under control. And among others
  • And they belief that what they have is what they can survive on.

Terrific notion among the locals

The locals are terrified of the fact that since dead casualties of Ebola virus are best burnt as possible means of controlling the virus at that juncture. That is to say, it’s also believed that when their farm lands and their entire forest are burnt down, then and only then the disease may automatically be under control. How ever, it was not taking into consideration that Ebola was a primed human-to-human infestation case which was brought about by or contrasted from outside country and it only affected very few areas in Lagos & Port Harcourt. And the disease was urgently eradicated.

Wildlife Conservation and Environmental Society inefficient engagements due to lack of sponsorship and funding has created continuous impact on local people and ecosystem


Bushfire/bush burning will bring about ecological disaster such as land slide, drought, species extinction etc. and hard ship to the locals at the long run. Three major landslide occur in Kubong-Bette Mountain in 2005 and more than 150 patches with devastative effect that can be view on both sides of Ikom-O budu highway in 2012 that deface the ecosystem including the Afi Mountain which rendered most local people homeless, reduce their accessibility and burry most of their farms in Kubong-Bette, Buanchor etc.

Wild Life Advancing from grassland to the rainforest. Photo: Theresa

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